Sunday, 15 January 2017

Plans for 2017

Hello! 2016 ended on such a high note I'm really hoping 2017 will bring just as many happy times. I can't wait to watch Ava Mae grow and develop through her first year! 

Blog - I feel like I want to use 2017 to really find my blogging motivation again! I have so many posts planned but I've found it really difficult to find the time with a newborn or just generally get the words out whilst coping with sleep deprivation. Thank you for sticking with me as I know the posts have been lacking recently! 

Holiday - My mum and I have been wanting to go on holiday for a while. We have booked a holiday to Tenerife in May and I will be taking Ava Mae with me. Ian will be staying at home and hopefully having some of his university friends to stay as he used a lot of his holiday entitlement from work when Ava Mae was born. Ava Mae will be around 6 months old by this point and I am a little nervous of taking her abroad for the first time! I have been to Tenerife many times before and we had our honeymoon there so at least I am taking her somewhere I am familiar with. 

Swimming Lessons - With the upcoming holiday I am really eager to take Ava Mae for swimming lessons. I want her to get used to being in water and really enjoy swimming as she grows up. So far she really enjoys bath times and doesn't mind having water poured over her head. 

Home Improvement - We moved into our house just over a year ago and so far have managed to get the bedroom, kitchen and nursery decorated. I really want to make a start on the rest of the house and the garden. The next room I plan to make a start on is the living room and I am already thinking of a nice rustic theme with Autumn colours. 

Saving - Now we have become a family of three I really want to start hammering down on the savings. I plan on opening Ava Mae up her own savings account as well as Ian and I starting to save for a mortgage. 

Baby and Toddler Groups - During my pregnancy I did not attend a single antenatal class so didn't meet other mums. I recently got in contact with an old friend who also has a baby girl and is expecting her second child. We made a pact that we would start going to some baby and toddler groups together in a bid to meet other mums and stop ourselves from going stir crazy  being cooped up indoors with little ones. 

I'm really looking forward to what 2017 will bring. What are your plans for 2017? 

Claire Louise Xx


Thursday, 5 January 2017

What Ava Mae Got For Christmas

Hello! So I feel like I am really behind with this post as we are now well into January and the New Year but life with a newborn means it can be difficult to find the time to blog! I know these posts are not to everyone’s taste but personally I love having a good old nosey to see what people get for Christmas. Becoming a parent I also love to see what gifts children get as it gives me ideas on what I might like to buy for Ava Mae. 

As it was Ava Mae's first Christmas and with her being born on the 15th December she was very spoilt this year. This year was an exception so I wouldn't expect that she would get this many presents every year. 

Ian and I purposely did not go crazy buying her gifts as we knew which such a large family that she would get doted on. We bought her a teddy from Build-A-Bear Workshop, which has a recording of her heartbeat in its paw. I also managed to find a book and DVD of ‘On Christmas Eve’ a cartoon I used to watch as a child at Christmas time. I can’t wait to watch it everyone year as a Christmas tradition with Ava Mae.

Some of the gifts that Ava Mae has loved so far are her Lamaze Octotunes and Activity Spiral. She enjoys listening to the different sound the octopus makes and watching her activity spiral dangle from her car seat handle or carrycot bumper bar. Another gift Ava Mae really adores is the Sweet Dreamers Ewan The Dream Sheep. She happily falls to sleep listening to the white noise or harp sounds.

As well as receiving toys, books and keepsakes Ava Mae also got a stack load of clothes. There is a nice mix of clothes she can wear now and ones that she can grow into over the next few months. I adore the Baker by Ted Baker bunny outfit my mum got for her and can’t wait for her to wear it as its super cute! 

I hope you enjoyed having a good nosey at all the things Ava Mae got for Christmas. I am really grateful for my family and friends buying her such thoughtful and nice gifts on her first Christmas. If you have done a Christmas gift post leave me your links so I can have a look! 

Claire Louise Xx