Friday, 29 August 2014

Mavala Cyclades Blue

Mavala Nail Colour Cream (Cyclades Blue) - £4.75 Boots

Previous nail polish brands I have purchased really let me down, with ridiculously thick formulas as they all claim to be the 'perfect one coat salon nail'. The trouble is these thick formulas just end up being heavy and sticky making them a total nightmare to apply. 

Mavala is one of my all time favourite nail polishes! The texture of the varnish is so smooth and light its a piece of cake to apply. I apply one or two coats depending on the colour and I achieve perfect nails! The little application brush is great for getting up close without polish ending up all over my fingers. Drying time is not too shabby and the finish is so shiny. I get a good three or four days of chip free nails and if I want them to last longer I simply add a good clear topcoat for extra protection. This is really good considering I am the clumsiest person I know and I'm always catching my nails on things. 

Cyclades Blue is such a pretty bright blue colour! I was a little nervous at how bright it looks in the bottle but once I had it one my nails I fell in love with the bold colour. Once I removed the polish I was impressed to see it had not stained my nails at all and was really easy to remove with acetone free nail polish remover. Cyclades is a really nice colour for Spring/Summer and I would really recommend it! 

What's your favourite brand of nail polish?

Claire Louise Xx


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Home Sweet Home #1

Now Ian and I have finally moved into our new flat I want to introduce a new series on my blog all about 'home living'. I can't wait to start decorating and buying things for the flat and it will be nice to share any decor ideas or purchases. I'd thought I would start with a little home decor wish list for our bedroom as thats the room I want to start on first! 

1. Green Botanical Shadow Wallpaper - £10
2. Woven Throw - £7
3. Chenille Cushion - £7
4. Ceramic Lamp - £6
5. Camera Ornament - £7
6. Waffle Kingsize Duvet Set - £25
7. Smile Word Sunshine - £3
8. Houndstooth Cat Doorstop - £8
9. Yankee Candle Garden Sweet Pea Large Jar Candle - £19.99
10. Full Length Mirror - £12

Most of the items I have found are from Wilko, having a look in my local store I realised it is the perfect place to go for home decor on a budget!

I love the fresh green colour of the botanical shadow wallpaper and think it will look good as part of a feature wall. With a passion for photography I adore the cream camera ornament and the yellow smile word looks rather quirky with the yellow adding a nice pop of additional colour against the primarily green theme. I really like the simple cream bedding which will look great with a green throw and cushions.

I'm cat obsessed and of course I could not resist the cute cat doorstop from Matalan! I love Yankee Candle and plan to purchase I few different jar candles for all around the flat. I have a wax tart of the scent 'garden sweet pea' and it smells so nice and fresh, a perfect Spring/Summer scent.

I love creating these little wish lists and can't wait to start wish lists for other rooms in the flat! I've already been buying some bits of the wish list and I might even do a little video tour of the bedroom once its finished!

Claire Louise Xx


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Crazy Cat Lady!

Hello! Ian and I have finally moved into our new flat. This is the mean reason for the lack of posts recently but now we are all settled I'm hoping to get back into blogging again! Ian and I decided it was time for a new addition in our lives but in order to explain my love for cats its probably better to start at the beginning!

(1998 - Present) 

Misty was originally my brothers cat but in my second year of university in Chichester she decided she wanted to come and live with me. Misty has more than 9 lives, a very adventurous outdoor cat but now,  at 16 years old, its time for her to live out her senior years with my parents and my nan. She's very settled there and would hate being an indoor cat in our city flat. My nan has taken a real liking to her and I know she will be very pampered and spoilt. 

(2011 - 2012)

I got Lilly once I had graduated at university when Ian and I moved from Chichester to Barnsley. She was such a lovely persian cross breed with so much character. At 6 weeks old we found out she had cat flu and was really ill. It took a lot of nursing and medication but at 3 months she was a healthy kitten again. Lilly took a real liking to my mums springer spaniels, Sadie and Sasha and loved going for walks with them. I bought Lilly a little cat lead and she would happily walk along our local Trans Pennine Trail with Sadia and Sasha. Sadly when Lilly was 9 months old she was hit and killed by a car outside our house. I will never forget Lilly and she will always be very special to me. 

(2012 - Present) 

After Lilly I knew if I didn't get another cat or I never would. We bought Mia from an indoor cat breeder because I felt I would never be able to have an outdoor cat again without constantly worrying out the dangers. Misty remains an outdoor cat because they would be no stopping her and it would be vary unfair now that she loves the outdoors. Mia has never set a paw outside and doesn't know any different so has taken to the new flat really well. She is extremely shy but is very affectionate. She loves to just sit by the window and watch the world go by. She hates fuss or lots of people and if ever we have friends or family over she goes and hides in the bottom of my wardrobe until its quiet enough to come out. 

(2014 - Present)

Ian and I decided that if we really wanted another cat the best time to do it would be when we moved into our new flat. This way neither cat would have marked it as they territory. I saw an ad for Molly and could not resist. We got her at 8 weeks and she is now nearly 10 weeks and due for her first trip to the vets. She is such a lovely black and white kitten, very adventurous and vocal, totally opposite to Mia. Having said that they get on really well. A few hisses as first but now Mia is happy to share the end of the bed with Molly and I often find them playing together.

I've always been surrounded by pets from being very little. Thanks to my mum my brothers and I have always had a family dog but I've always been more drawn to cats. I love how they are so independent and you really have to work to earn their trust and respect.

Do you have any furry friends? I'm always spamming Instagram with my cat pictures, my Instagram is ClaireeLouisse if you want to see the adventures of Mia and Molly!

Claire Louise Xx


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Shoe Zone Lilley Sandals

Lilley Black Strappy Metal Trim Sandal - £12.99*

Summer Look:
Cross T-Shirt - Topshop.
Low-Rise Short-Shorts - Hollister. 
Beaded Necklace - F&F Clothing at Tesco.
Lilley Strappy Sandals - Shoe Zone. 

Hello! I was kindly sent a lovely pair of Lilley sandals from Shoes Zone. The weather has been beautiful recently and I've been wearing the sandals on a regular basis for the past two weeks. They are just so easy to wear and go with almost any outfit! I decided to pair the sandals with my cross t-shirt from Topshop and low rise Hollister shorts. I finished the outfit off with my silver beaded F&F necklace from Tesco.

I have to say they are super comfy and fit well! The sandals have not given me any blisters or discomfort and they keep my feet really cool in the Summer sun. I have been wearing them a lot and they have not become scuffed for damaged so I am pretty impressed at the quality and how well they are holding up.

The metal studs on the sandals give them that 'festival style' feel and the silver studs go well with the black synthetic leather straps. The majority of the sandals I own fasten  across and below the ankle but these Lilley sandals are a little different, the strap fastens around the top of the ankle, like an anklet. I thought this would feel bizarre at first but they fit really well and feel secure.

What do you think of these Lilley sandals? What's you favourite Summer footwear?

Check out the Shoe Zone Holiday Shop with a wide range of sandals and shoes for Summer! You can also find Shoes Zone on Twitter.

Disclaimer: Shoe Zone sandals were provided by Shoe Zone ( Although these sandals were sent for review my opinions are my own and 100% honest. Full disclaimer

Claire Louise Xx