Sunday, 6 November 2016

Ava Mae's Nursery Room Tour

Hello! I have finally managed to complete Ava's nursery room tour! It has taken so long, mostly because I have not been at home to take any of the photos and partly due to there being the odd few little decor jobs to finish. It feels good knowing that if Ava did decided to make an early appearance then her room would be all finished! 

Retro Flying Swallows Wall Art - £9.59. 
Chunky Knitted Pouffe - £29. 
Cot Canopy - £21. 
Mosquito Net Bed Canopy - £13.99. 

Bush Bluetooth Stero Speaker - £29.99.
Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation 16GB - £179.

George Home Chenille Stripe Cushion - £4.
George Rabbit - £6.
George Home White Chimmey Light Shade - £5.
George Home Rope Storage Basket £5.

Pleated Throw - £9.99.
Bella Butterfly Boudoir Cushion - £5.99.

Dorma Duck Egg Regency Wallpaper - £19.99.
Montana Duck Egg Lined Eyelet Curtains - £19.99.

Radiator Cover - £37.99.
Rocking Chair - £79.98.
Duck Egg Rug - £25.67.
Cot Skirt - £5.99.
Breathable Baby AirFlow 2-Sided Mesh Airflow Cot Liner - £8.

STUVA Cot - £150.
STUVA Wardrobe - £120.
STUVA Changing Table - £130.

Elephant & Giraffe Changing Mat - £8. 

Lullaby Moon Bed In A Bag - £70.

Vintage Photo Frames - £1 each.

TK Maxx:
Roca Home Throw Blanket - £14.99.

Wilko Split Wood Laundry Hamper - £10.

I had an idea in my head right from the start on how I wanted my little girls room to look. I wanted nursery decor that she could really grow with and would't just be for her first year as a baby. We are currently renting and saving for a mortgage so I don't want to be spending money redecorating rooms all that often when we are not planning on staying in the house. I'm really happy with how it has turned out. I found the wall paper first and the rest just fell into place from there. Ava has her own little entertainment system with a bluetooth speaker and her first iPod so I can play her music and there is also a colour changing LED light bulb in her light fitting, very spoilt!

I have uploaded a video tour to my YouTube channel where I show some of the ways I have used my nursery storage was well as a walk around the room!

Claire Louise Xx


Friday, 4 November 2016

Pregnancy Essentials: Second Trimester 14 - 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

Hello! It's time for my second trimester pregnancy essentials, all the things I have found that helped me survive the second trimester of pregnancy and made those pregnancy symptoms just that little bit easier to cope with! 

Pregnancy Essentials: Second Trimester 14 - 26 Weeks of Pregnancy 

Pregnancy Pillow - During the second trimester my baby bump seemed to appear overnight and as the weeks went by I found it harder and harder to get comfortable nights sleep. On a trip to Mothercare I picked up the Dreamgenii Pregnancy and Feeding Support Pillow, at £36.99 its the most I have ever spent on a pillow but I justified it as it can also be used as a nursing pillow. I am also planning on taking this pillow with me when I have baby as apparently it can help ease the pain of labour. 

Stretch Mark Creams - I earned my tiger stripes during the second trimester. Luckily I have not got any stretch marks on my tummy (touch wood) but I have started to gain a few on my bum and thighs. I am not too bothered by them as they are only small and in places that I never have on show anyway. Even so to help with the stretch marks and the dry skin on my tummy I decided to give some stretch mark creams a go. Out of the few that I have tried the one I like the most has been the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter. I purchased this from Boots for around £4. Firstly the tub lasts forever as a small amount goes a long way. I also love the smell and the butter is really moisturising. 

Maternity Clothes - I finally caved and bought maternity clothes after bending down and splitting my leggings. Luckily I was home alone at the time which saved me any embarrassment. I headed to H&M after hearing about their reasonably prices maternity clothes and bought my first pair of maternity jeans and a few tops. If you missed my maternity clothing post you can catch up here. I really recommend over bump maternity jeans as the band gives so much support and feels really comfortable, by far the best pair of jeans I have ever owned! 

Notebooks & List Making - Making it to the second trimester meant I could breathe a sign of relief and start to relax a little. I stopped worrying so much about another miscarriage and started to embrace being pregnant. We started making plans for the nursery and what we would need to buy for baby. I bought a notebook and went crazy making lists of all the things we needed to get and do. I found making a list really useful, as this is our first baby the shopping list quickly grew and having it written down meant we could sit down and take off the things that we really thought we needed but didn't! 

Headphones - During the second trimester baby develops the ability to hear sounds from outside the womb so Ian was very eager to play baby music. Headphones designed for the bump can be so expensive so I started looking at what normal over ear headphones I could used instead. I found a cheap pair of over ear headphones that had ear pieces which could be turned outwards and laid flat on my bump. I was surprised at just how much Ava kicks and squirms about when playing her music! 

What did you find helped your through the second trimester of pregnancy?

Claire Louise Xx

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