Wednesday, 31 August 2016

H&M Maternity Clothing

I'm 24 weeks today, officially viable and my baby bump is really starting to take shape. I have been trying to put off buying maternity clothes for as long as possible. I just could not justify spending money on myself when I still have so much to buy for baby. The turning point came when bending down to pick something up my leggings ripped! I finally realised that maternity wear is a necessity. 

 Patterned Scarf £7.99 - MAMA Straight Jeans £29.99 - MAMA Fine Knit Jumper £19.99

MAMA White Jersey Top £7.99 - MAMA Black Jersey Top £7.99 - MAMA Short Sleeved Blouse £12.99 

I decided to look in H&M for maternity wear after hearing that they had a pretty decent range. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices! I usually do most of my clothes shopping in Primark so I was a little nervous of splashing out on maternity wear. Since becoming pregnant I feel really guilty buying anything for myself when I have baby bits to buy. I need not of worried as the prices were really reasonable and the quality feels really good. 

I tired the jeans on in store just to make sure they were the perfect fit. I normally wear skinny jeans but went for straight leg. My body shape is starting to change to accommodate baby and I now have a bum which was not there before, lets just say the skinny jeans were a no no! The straight leg still gave that skinny jean look but offered room to move. I love the pregnancy band which is built into the jeans. It gives so much support without feeling like bump is being squashed. The material is thick which will be really nice once the weather cools down as I will be at my biggest during Winter. 

I also bought I really nice jumper, the colour is perfect for Autumn and has some subtle gold shimmer. I also spotted two jersey tops and a blouse. I was a little nervous of the stripes on the blouse making my bump look even bigger but surprisingly it actually looks flattering. I have a soft spot for scarfs during the Autumn/Winter months and on the way to the checkout I spotted a lovely patterned scarf full of lovely Autumn colours that would go really well with the knitted jumper. 

Expect some Autumn/Winter inspired maternity looks coming soon! 

Claire Louise Xx 


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