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Muskegon Oval Glasses from*

I was recently contacted by asking if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of their glasses. I jumped at the chance, mostly because my usual pair had just broken and I was in desperate need of a replacement. Note to self: I must take better care of my glasses!!!

Over the past year I started to notice problems with my vision and found I needed to starting wearing glasses all the time. I usually purchase my glasses from the high street and had never really considered ordering glasses online. The thought had always made me a little nervous as I find it very hard to find frames that suit my facial features. There really is nothing worse than trying to pull off full framed spectacles and ending up looking like you are about to enter a Harry Potter convention! 

Muskegon Oval Glasses (Black)*

Finding a pair of glasses I liked did not take long as there were so many frames to choose from and the website was really easy to navigate. There is also a 'Try On' feature which allows you to see how the frames look on different genders and face shapes. You can also find a wide selection of prescription sunglassesThe glasses I choose are the Muskegon Oval in black. I was drawn to the thin black frames and subtle maroon coloured tabs on the sides. I then had to find my pupillary distance (PD measurement) with very helpful step by step instructions on the website. I first thought doing this at home would be really difficult but all I needed was a ruler and a helping hand from my hubby to measure the distance between my pupils. Finally I sent off my prescription information and it took around two weeks for my glasses to arrive in the post. 

My glasses arrived well packaged with a case and cleaning cloth and I popped them on right away. I was nervous that they would be too loose and fall off my face but I was pleased to find my prescription was spot on and they fit perfectly. One thing I really love most about these glasses is they are so lightweight with no compromise on quality feeling really sturdy. I normally opt for thick full framed glasses and have found in the past that these styles of frames can feel really overpowering and heavy to wear. This often means I end up taking them off and placing them on my head for a break, which is not only good for looking after the frames but does not do my eyesight any favours either as I end up bumping into things. Thankfully I have not had to do this once as these frames feel so comfortable. These glasses look stylish and feel like they will last even though they cost only a fraction of what my old designer frames cost from the high street. 

My only little niggle is the reflection on the lenses, trying to take a photo wearing them was difficult as in every shot there would be light reflecting off them. Although I don't notice this in my vision when wearing them it does make me wonder if other people can see it when I am walking around with them on, although my hubby insists they look great!

I have also been given a coupon code to share with you! Use the code GSHOT50 to enjoy 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded). 

Disclaimer: Muskegon Oval glasses provided by ( See full disclaimer.

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