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Project B Pregnancy Subscription Box

From the moment I found out I was pregnant one of the things I have looked forward to doing is subscribing to a pregnancy or parenting subscription box. Ever since my first beauty box subscription I have loved the idea to receiving a regular box through the post and the excitement of seeing what might be inside. Every month felt like Christmas waiting for the boxes to arrive and it was always a great way of finding new products to try. 

After a quick google search I found Project B ( who offer seven boxes, priced at £14.99 each, plus the option to buy a mother and baby gift box priced at £30. Each of the boxes are designed to cater for certain weeks of pregnancy and each have a different theme.

The Boxes:
Box 1 - Nurture: 12-15 weeks.
Box 2 - Blossom: 16-19 weeks.
Box 3 - Energies: 20-24 weeks.
Box 4 - Relax: 25-29 weeks.
Box 5 - Prepare: 30-34 weeks.
Box 6 - Nest: 35-39 weeks.
Box 7 - Arrive: 40+ weeks.

Box 1 - Nurture 12-15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Signing up and creating an account was really quick and easy. You simply choose if the box is a gift or for yourself and then select the box that you would like subscription to start from. This is great as it means you can start the subscription at any point of your pregnancy by simply selecting the box for how many weeks pregnant you are. After creating an account and entering payment info its just a case of waiting for the boxes to arrive each month. After I had signed up my box took around five days to arrive.

Inside My Box:
- Information about the products inside. 
- Information cards including your pregnancy this month, maternity clothes guide, the importance of regular exercise and eating well. 
- A card to hold a scan photo. 
- A voucher for who offer active maternity wear (£5). 
- B Magazine Spring 2016 edition (£4.99). 
- Nairns Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits (sample). 
- Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks (50ml sample). 
- Pukka Herbs Three Ginger Tea Bags (sample). 
- Vitabiotics Ginger Pastilles Ginger Root & Blueberry (£6.95). 
- Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original Pregnancy Vitamins (sample). 
- SASS Intimate Purifying Cleanser (£7). 
- DK Pregnancy The Beginners Guide (£12.99). 

After opening my box I had very mixed feelings. What I am about to say might seem like I am being really picking but one reality of subscription boxes I think you have to understand is that the first box you receive either hooks you into keeping up the subscription or doesn't and if I am honest this box just did not do it for me! I felt a little disappointment in the products I had received. Although there was a nice balance between samples and products worth paying the price of the box it just felt a little drab. 

As soon as you have your booking in appointment with your midwife you are often given free samples or information on how to claim goodie bags filled with free samples, in particularly from Emma's Diary and Bounty. The majority of the samples in this box I had already been given plenty of. No joke, I have a draw filled with at least six bottles of the Palmers stretch mark lotion and enough Vitabiotics vitamins to last me until baby is here! I just felt that Project B could of been a little more unique with the samples they had chosen to include in the box so that it offered an opportunity to really try something new. 

My box included a much needed overload of ginger! Morning sickness was at its peak for me during those first 6 to 14 weeks of pregnancy and having anything ginger helped combat the sickness! The flavours in the Pukka Herbs tea were a little overpowering but the Vitabiotics ginger pastilles were a definite win! Pregnancy hormones were causing my skin to breakout like crazy so the SASS purifying cleanser was another saving grace as it was so gentle on my skin. The pregnancy book has also come in handy, packed full of information and tips for each stage of pregnancy and birth. 

In the end I decided to cancel my subscription as I just wasn't excited about it enough to continue paying £14.99 a month when I could spend the money on baby. I am on the hunt for another box to  try once baby is born as I like the idea of receiving a box more focused on products for baby.  

Have you tired any pregnancy or parenting subscription boxes? 

Claire Louise Xx


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