Monday, 17 October 2016

Just Not Very Good At Being Pregnant!

I really wanted to get stuck into blogging and being a little more sociable this week whilst starting my maternity leave but yet again things have not gone to plan! During last week my mum came over to help sort out the house ready for baby Ava Mae's arrival. I have gone into major nesting mode and it turns out I did a little too much....

After decorating and going into mass 'clean like crazy' mode with my mum on the Thursday I woke up Friday morning and found I had passed my mucus plug at 30 weeks! Whilst I was home alone, with Ian at work, I didn't think about calling the hospital or my midwife for most of the day as I was not in any pain or discomfort. It was only towards the evening as Ian came home I thought of ringing my mum who insisted I should call the hospital. So after a quick phone call off to the hospital we went. 

Once we arrived at the hospital I started to experience some tightening on my bump and sharp shooting pains on my cervix. I had an internal exam and some swabs taken to see if I was going into labour. Luckily these came back negative but I was kept in overnight to have baby monitored and discharged the next day once the pain and tightening had settled down. 

I was due to have a growth scan in two weeks but my consultant thought it would be best brought forward just to check that everything was okay with baby. Although little Ava Mae is proving to be a trouble maker thankfully everything was fine and she is head down in a good position ready for delivery. Everything was forgiven as during the scan she turned her head and gave us a beautiful picture of her face! Just look at those chubby chops!

I feel so disappointed in myself at the moment its unreal! I struggled with morning sickness and the fear of another miscarriage during the first trimester of my pregnancy. The second trimester felt like a blissful honeymoon period, I felt great and really started to enjoy being pregnant. Now I have entered the last trimester I just feel like I am totally rubbish at being pregnant! I have become really clumsy and accident prone and just feel like Ava Mae is not safe inside me anymore as I constantly worry that something is going to go wrong at the last hurdle. I know all of these feelings are totally natural but it doesn't stop them from getting me down. I'm just really not enjoying these finally weeks. I want her to stay put as long as possible to make sure she is healthy but at the same time I have found myself counting down these last few weeks of pregnancy looking forward to B-day more than ever! 

It was always planned that closer to my due date (21st December) I would spend weekdays, whilst Ian is at work, staying at my mums as her house if closer to the hospital I plan on delivering at and it would also mean not being home alone during the day. After everything that has happened and just with the way I am feeling at the moment we have decided to bring this forward. So I'm currently sat at my mums being pampered like crazy obviously with the occasional "You're not carrying that!" as I'm now banned from going anywhere near the hoover or dust cloth! 

I keep telling myself that hopefully I will be one of those women who is sucks at being pregnant but handles labour like a warrior, I can dream right?

Being at my mums is giving me time to catch up on blog posts but it does mean I won't be able to film or blog my nursery room tour for a little while longer! I do have a few other posts I can be getting on with including some shopping a did for my hospital bag and my second trimester update! 

Claire Louise Xx


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