Friday, 21 October 2016

Paperchase Scrapbooking

One of my guilty pleasures is stationary and scrapbook materials. One of my favourite shops is Paperchase. I can't walk past without the urge to go inside, there is nothing I love more than walking around in search of quirky new bits of stationary. For sometime I have wanted to start a scrapbook for baby Ava Mae. I imagine being able to give her scrapbooks on her 18th birthday that are filled with scan pictures, photographs and keepsakes to document every moment of pregnancy and her life. A little while ago I found myself browsing the Paperchase website for all the bits I would need to get started with scrapbooking, needless to say it quickly escalated to me placing an order! 

Kraft Square Scrapbook - £8.50.
252 Self Adhesive Paper Photo Corners - £4.75. 
Paperworks Ribbed Kraft C6 Envelopes (10 Pack) - £3.50.
500 Transparent Self Adhesive Photo Corners - £2. 
5 Coloured Cat Highlighters - £4. 

My order arrived really quickly and It felt like Christmas opening it! New stationary never fails to put a smile on my face! I really like the Kraft scrapbook and although Paperchase now offer the ability to be able to add customised messages to the front of their scrapbooks I decided not to. I like that the front of the scrapbook is plane so I can eventually add my own design to the front. I also bought some photo corners to stick in photographs and envelopes to hold any keepsakes. Although I did not really need to cat highlights they ended up in my oder anyway. I have a soft spot for cats and they look so cute! 

I can't wait to share some of the pages with you!  At the moment I have just finished sticking in all her scan pictures and I'm moving onto adding photos from our Gender Reveal Party

Do you keep a scrapbook?

Claire Louise Xx


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