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Second Trimester Update: 14 - 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

I am 33 weeks pregnant today so well and truly out of the second trimester but it has taken me so long to write this post! I have been so busy that I have just really struggled finding the time to blog. I feel like this week has been a total waste too as I have have been spending most of time in bed nursing a viral infection. Hopefully I am over the worst of it now! 

Second Trimester Update: 14 - 26 Weeks of Pregnancy

Baby now has well defined fingers and toes and her eyelids, eyebrows, eyelashes, nails and hair are formed. She can now suck her thumb, yawn, stretch and make faces. By this point in the pregnancy the reproductive organs and genitalia are now fully formed making it possible to find out the gender. Baby's skin is a reddish colour, wrinkled with veins visible through her translucent skin. She can now hear sounds from outside the womb and may even respond to them by moving and kicking. 

By the end of the second trimester baby measures around 30 cm (12") and weights around 5.5 kg (2 lb). 


Full of Energy - The second trimester has been like a honeymoon period compared to the first. My morning sickness disappeared completely by 16 weeks and I suddenly had loads of energy. I felt like I was finally abled to start enjoying being pregnant. 

Clear Skin - I have always had small breakouts of acne since my teenage years but during the second trimester my skin became the best it has ever been. I received a lot of comments on my 'pregnancy glow' and for the first time in years I felt like I could comfortably leave the house without wearing any foundation! 

The Best Moments:

Feeling Baby Move - The highlight of the second trimester is starting to feel baby move. Looking back I am sure I started to feel baby at around 12 weeks as little flutters but that is nothing compared to the powerful kicks I got towards the end of the second trimester. I even managed to capture a short video of some of her little kicks and have popped it on my YouTube channel! 

Private Gender Scan - At 16 weeks we where able to have a gender scan and plan our gender reveal party. If you missed our gender reveal party blog post you can catch up here. We found out our little bundle is going to be a girl and we have decided on the name Ava Mae. I was not too sure when I first found out I was having a girl. I had always imagined a little boy being a bit of a tomboy myself but now I can't wait to meet her and have truly embraced all the frilly pink dresses.

Arthritis in Remission - I developed Seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis at such a young age and at 26 it has damaged a lot of my joints causing problems with mobility and chronic pain. Before becoming pregnant I was on a stack of painkillers and weekly injections. I had to stop my medication to become pregnant which was nerve-racking as we did not know if this would cause problems with painful flare ups. Luckily the pregnancy has caused my arthritis to go into remission. It feels great to have had no flare ups, the only pain I have not is from joints that have been damaged. I'm just hoping now that it does not come back full force after having baby!

The Worst Moments:

Mid-Pregnancy Anomaly Scan - Ultrasound scans should be such a happy time but with my history of recurrent miscarriage I can't help but hate them! My anomaly scan at 20 weeks was the worst, I felt so sick with nerves before the scan because I could not help but think something will be wrong. Luckily everything was fine and we found out that little Ava Mae has really long legs, I'm sure she will make a fantastic ballet dancer! 

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome - At around 24 weeks I started having some really bad pains in my wrists. I knew it was not my Arthritis as it did not feel like it was coming from my joints. I found I had painful pins and needles, could not grip properly and even lifting a glass was annoy. I told my midwife who said it is common in pregnancy to develop Carpel Tunnel Syndrome as fluid builds up in the body and this swelling squeezes the nerves. I was told to dig out the wrist splints I wear for my Arthritis  to support my wrists.

Most Embarrassing Pregnancy Moment:

We decided to visit some of our friends down south for the weekend and I had been suffering with constipation as well as struggling to eat due to my growing bump pushing my stomach up into my ribcage. We sat at the table having breakfast one morning when I finally felt the urge to go. I had not been to the toilet properly in days so this was a welcome feeling. I excused myself from the table and went to the toilet. As soon as I started to go I knew it was not going to end well. It was so painful and with every push I could feel my breakfast being push upward out of my stomach. I had reached the point of no return and had no choice but to continue pushing whilst vomiting up my breakfast at the sometime. With no hope of reaching the sink from the toilet I quickly managed to kick the bathmat out of the way so it was only the titled bathroom floor that feel victim. I felt so mortified as I had to shout down the stairs for someone to bring me things to clean the bathroom with. All I can say is that there truly is no dignity in pregnancy! 

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