Sunday, 12 March 2017

Ava Mae: One Month Update

The first month of Ava Mae's life has been life changing! I absolutely love being mum and now she is here I can't imagine what my life without her. As much as I hated being pregnant as soon as she was placed in my arms I knew it was all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat! 

Development & Milestones

Jaundice - As much as being a new parent is amazing there are also really scary times. At five days old Ava Mae showed signs of Jaundice. Her eyes and skin started to turn yellow. She was admitted to hospital for a few hours to be monitored and have her bloods checked but luckily was allowed home. Thankfully her Jaundice went away on its own and she did not need to be put under the ultraviolet light. Nothing can prepare you for that helpless feeling when your child is ill and there is nothing you can do. 

Open Spaces - Ava Mae made it very clear from the beginning that she did not like sleeping in a moses basket. The only place she would sleep would be the carry cot of her pram and we soon realised this was because it was so snug and enclosed. She hated sleep in open spaces so we quickly started looking into sleep pods and nests. Not wanting to spend too much money incase she rejected it we settled on the Babymoov Cosydream. It was an instant success! She would sleep peacefully in her cot laying on the Cosydream as it keeps her in a snug but safe sleeping position.  Review coming soon! 

Reflux - Since day one Ava Mae had been a sickly baby, lots of spit up and vomiting parts of her feeds. After several trips to the doctors with her screaming in pain we were told she had reflux and prescribed infant Gaviscon and Ranitidine. She gradually got worse and we recently found out that it wasn't reflex after all but a milk allergy. More on this in her two month update! 

Bath Time - Ava Mae loves bath times! Having a nice warm bath before bed helps to soothe her and she really enjoys being in the water. I can't wait to take her for swimming lessons and see how much she enjoys learning how to swim! 

Mums' Corner

Postnatal Depression - In the final stages of my pregnancy I started to experience depression. Partly due to my fears of not bonding with Ava Mae due to my miscarriages and the anxieties around her safe arrival. After Ava Mae was born these feelings did not disappear like I thought they would and I struggled to bond with her. I found myself feeling helpless and alone. I started attending a weekly 'Mums in Mind' support group run by the charity Mind ( Being around other mums in a similar situation has helped me so much and given me such a confidence boost! I look forward to the weekly meeting and feel like I'm making some lovely mummy friends. 

Breastfeeding - I always knew that I would only be able to breastfeed for a short while as I would soon need to go back onto my medications that I had to stop taking during pregnancy. In total I managed just over a week of combination feeding as I was not producing enough milk. My supply also seemed to dry up completely when I had to go on a short course of antibiotics as a result of an infection from my caesarean section. For a while I felt like I had failed which added to the depression but now I'm just happy and proud that I managed to do it for as long as I did! 

Ava Mae is growing so fast and the newborn phase seems to have flown by in an instant. Packing away her newborn and tiny baby clothes I could not help but shed a tear and feel overwhelmed with emotion. It all felt a little bitter sweet, I'm happy that she is growing and developing well but feel sad that those newborn days are gone and I won't experience them with her again. Despite all this I am really looking forward to watching her grow and being able to experience more and more things with her. 

Claire Louise Xx


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Maternity Photoshoot

It feels so long ago now that I had my last day at work before starting my maternity leave. I was given some lovely flowers and baby grows from my work colleagues. I also received a Groupon voucher for a bump to baby 'Watch-Me-Grow' package of photoshoots. The package includes four  baby photoshoots; maternity/bump, newborn, crawling/sitting and walking. Also included in the package are three 8" x 6" prints from each photoshoot and a Facebook picture. 

So, at 34 weeks pregnant we travelled to Reflections Photography in Sheffield to have our maternity photoshoot. I am not entirely comfortable with having my picture taken at the best of times, even more so when heavily pregnant. I felt very nervous on the run up to the photoshoot and imagined the photographer chasing me around the room as I tried to hide and dodge out of every photo. Our photographer was lovely and quickly put me at ease. 

After our maternity photoshoot we returned to the studio once Ava Mae was born to have our newborn session. We where then abled to book a viewing session to see our photos and choose the prints included in the package. Ian and I also decided to spend £125 on a memory stick containing ten high resolution images of our choice from across both of our photoshoots. 

I am very pleased with how the photos have turned out and I can't wait to have our final two photoshoots once Ava Mae is sitting and crawling. Keep an eye out for Ava Mae's newborn photoshoot coming soon! 

Claire Louise Xx


Friday, 20 January 2017

Birth Story: Welcome Baby Ava Mae

Welcoming our rainbow Ava Mae into the world has been one of the best experiences of my life! For sometime I felt like a failure because I ended up having a c-section and did not manage to achieve the birth I had planned for myself. However, once I got home I found a wonderful surprise on my camera that helped me come to terms with the birth I did have and cherish what I had achieved....

I had always known that the natural water birth I had visions of would not necessarily be an option with my medical conditions. When my consultant first uttered the words elective c-section I felt crushed! I always try to not let my conditions stop me from doing anything that I want to do but I knew that after three miscarriages it was a blessing that I had got this far and I had to do what was best for me and baby. My consultant and I reached a compromise. I had a c-section slot booked but if baby was to try and make an appearance on her own accord then we would ride it out and see if my body could handle labour, with all doctors, specialists and midwives on standby just incase. 

So on 15th December 2016 with little miss not wanting to budge and showing signs of slow latent labour Ian and I, along with my mum, made our way to the hospital for the c-section. At 11:30am We were shown to a room on the ward and allowed a short time to unpack and settle in. I was greeted by the two midwives who would be coming into the theatre with me, one of which was my mental health midwife. I had seen her many times before to discuss the anxieties that I had surrounding hospitals and operations. I had my blood pressure and urine checked along with a quick ultrasound to see what position Ava Mae was in. Next a small cot on wheels was pushed into the room and it all started to feel that little bit more real. Inside were blankets and a hat for baby, a hospital gown for me and scrubs for Ian. After a quick change and few giggles at Ian in his scrubs we were ready to go! 

At 1:30pm I was collected by my midwives and we started making our way down to the theatre for what felt like the longest walk of my life. My mental health midwife passed me a plastic drinking straw and I started to use the sensory grounding techniques we had practiced, breathing slowing in and out through the straw. This stopped me from going into a panic attack and becoming too overwhelmed. Ian followed behind pushing the cot, I was only allowed one person in theatre with me so my mum waited on the ward. 

Once we arrived at the theatre Ian had to wait outside whilst they got me ready. I was incredibly nervous as the spinal block was being administered. Serval times I turned to the midwives, shaking my head saying how I couldn't do it! I was terrified seeing all the machines and surgeons in their scrubs. I was allowed to bring in my camera and a CD of my own music and once it started playing I started to calm down. I was numb from the chest down, a screen was put up and Ian was finally by my side. By this point the straw had been chewed up so much it was now impossible to breath in and out of it without making whistling sounds. 

It was finally time to meet our little rainbow. The midwives were wonderful and always told me what was happening. Within 10 minutes I felt some tugging and Ava Mae was out! She was born at 2:07pm weighing 6lb 10oz and let out such a loud cry. Nothing prepares you for hearing that first cry and the rush of emotion it brings. She was brought over to us for a quick peek then was taken to be cleaned and Ian was able to cut the cord. 

Once Ava Mae was brought back over to me she was placed onto my chest so we could have some skin to skin time. Right away she opened her eyes and starting sucking her little hand whilst holding my finger with the other. All of a sudden I forgot my surroundings and was just overwhelmed with love and emotion for this little tiny human in my arms. After what only felt like 5 minutes but was actually more like an hour Ian and Ava Mae were taken into recovery. He was able have some skin to skin with her whilst I was cleaned up and moved onto another bed ready to be taken into recovery. 

Whilst waiting in recovery to be taken back onto the ward I was able to breastfeed Ava Mae for the first time and it was such a magical feeling. I never thought I would be able to breastfeed with my medical conditions but I managed almost 10 days before having to stop and go back on my medications. 

I was kept in hospital overnight for observations and then the next morning Ava Mae passed all her checks with flying colours and we were aloud home. I was sent home with a bag full of painkillers and injections to prevent blood clots. Nothing prepared me for how painful the car ride home would be after the c-section, every little bunp in the road was agony. Although it was painful at first by day three I was moving around much more and now five weeks on I am back to my normal self. 

The first few days with a newborn were amazing. We could not stop looking at her and taking dozens of pictures. Once I finally got around to looking at the photos on my camera from the hospital I got the most wonderful surprise! My camera had recorded short video clips before each photo was taken. So not only did I have some memorable photos but videos too! I have used them to create a short birth video for my YouTube channel! 

I felt like such a failure for having the c-section and did not look back on the birth with fondness because it was not what I had planned. However, watching the videos made me realise just how strong I am to of gone through the c-section without a single panic attack or complication. I now feel really proud to of brought such a beautiful baby into the world!

Claire Louise Xx


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Plans for 2017

I feel like 2016 ended on such a high note I'm really hoping 2017 will bring just as many happy times. I can't wait to watch Ava Mae grow and develop through her first year! 

Blog - I feel like I want to use 2017 to really find my blogging motivation again! I have so many posts planned but I've found it really difficult to find the time with a newborn or just generally get the words out whilst coping with sleep deprivation. Thank you for sticking with me as I know the posts have been lacking recently! 

Holiday - My mum and I have been wanting to go on holiday for a while. We have booked a holiday to Tenerife in May and I will be taking Ava Mae with me. Ian will be staying at home and hopefully having some of his university friends to stay as he used a lot of his holiday entitlement from work when Ava Mae was born. Ava Mae will be around 6 months old by this point and I am a little nervous of taking her abroad for the first time! I have been to Tenerife many times before and we had our honeymoon there so at least I am taking her somewhere I am familiar with. 

Swimming Lessons - With the upcoming holiday I am really eager to take Ava Mae for swimming lessons. I want her to get used to being in water and really enjoy swimming as she grows up. So far she really enjoys bath times and doesn't mind having water poured over her head. 

Home Improvement - We moved into our house just over a year ago and so far have managed to get the bedroom, kitchen and nursery decorated. I really want to make a start on the rest of the house and the garden. The next room I plan to make a start on is the living room and I am already thinking of a nice rustic theme with Autumn colours. 

Saving - Now we have become a family of three I really want to start hammering down on the savings. I plan on opening Ava Mae up her own savings account as well as Ian and I starting to save for a mortgage. 

Baby and Toddler Groups - During my pregnancy I did not attend a single antenatal class so didn't meet other mums. I recently got in contact with an old friend who also has a baby girl and is expecting her second child. We made a pact that we would start going to some baby and toddler groups together in a bid to meet other mums and stop ourselves from going stir crazy  being cooped up indoors with little ones. 

I'm really looking forward to what 2017 will bring. What are your plans for 2017? 

Claire Louise Xx

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